Friday, November 2, 2012

Blender 3D: Hinata Sou (Love Hina)

Keitarou's Empty Room. Don't worry, Ghost not Included.

How do I start... well... just like before, it's a Hinata Inn from Love Hina but this time, it's in Blender Format. I've managed to convert the map using Nem's Tool's Crafty Software. It also supports other map formats like in Quake, Half-Life 2, Garrys Mod, etc. etc.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Blender 3D: Flandre 3D (I should stop with the lame pun)

Haven't been using Blender 3D for a while and needed to practice again. The result was Kirito's Elucidator & Dark Repulser from Sword Art Online, an Anime that's related to MMORPG. I've read the whole novel up to Volume 10 and in my opinion, it's one of the best one I've read. I'm probably being bias though, or maybe not since I did play MMORPG before. Anyway, it took be an hour to Model Elucidator and around 2 hours for Dark Repulser. Dark Repulser is much detailed compared to Elucidator that's why it took longer to model. Anyway again, you can get the Sword model HERE but you'd need to register. By the way, there are other free Blender models you could also get from there. But if you don't want to see a Blender Site with Free Models but want to GETTO DAZE the "Rare Drop" Sword then just click HERE, it's just the sword okay, not the Flandre Model... or the Car Model Below... or the Car Girl...

By the way as always:

DISCLAIMER: Aside from the rigging, I didn't make the Flandre model. It's from Teatime's Love Death 2's Touhou MOD.

You can find their website here, beware though, it's Japanese and NOT SAFE FOR WORK

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Blender 3D: Info Update and Stuffs

At last! Another post after some long meaning/ful/less break! Anyway, Life Update first... well, not much to say... My speech has improved a lot, all thanks to the Speech Therapy, also, I've been doing some other businesses (USANA and other sidelines) aside from being an employee to improve my socializing skill. But mostly, been tinkering with Blender 3D for the past few months and been using it for 3D Perspective for some presentations. There's a lot of improvement that happened after I started using it some years ago and it's quite amazing as always it's hard to list the changes. As of now, I'm still trying to get used to the "Cycles" render engine. Some say it will someday replace the "Internal Render."

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Life Update! About Cleft Palate & Myself again.

Life Update! Yeah, not Live Update... anyway, I had a Furlow surgery around 7:00AM in the morning (hooray for redundant) on October 12, 2011 at PGH because, well, for your information, I have a cleft palate. I didn't really think of having a surgery before but that suddenly change after I realized one thing. Although I'm confident about my skills and how I interact with others, there's always this feeling inside me that would always ask "Will they understand me?"... Not figuratively but, literally. Will I always think this way? I better make actions. Also, CLANNAD Power... Oh, what I mean is Friends, Families opinion made me look at the beggar... bigger picture of it.

Anyway, the surgery took almost 2hours from what I heard. But the schedule was...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Best Anti-Virus

I wrote this article somewhere before last year and I thought I should post it here. Anyway,

This is just a very simple information to prevent Viruses coming into your system. Well, my friends and acquaintances always ask me how come my PC don't get virused even though I don't have any Anti-Virus software installed, I'm always connected to the NET, and always plugging USB storage devices to my PC. They also always ask why I don't install Anti-Virus software.

First, let me tell you the reason why I don't have Anti-Virus software. The reason is my PC is slow. Yeah, it's just a Sempron 2400+ with a 256mb memory. I can't afford to install softwares that takes too much system resource as you can see so my alternative is know how to prevent viruses from getting in without having an Anti-Virus software and believe me, people complain to me about slow PC every time and my answer is always there's a virus, malware, adware, spyware, you're Anti-Virus is making your system slow... yeah, I also blame startup programs that are unneccesary. Anyway, let's move to the next topic which knowing how to prevent viruses from coming in.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Touhou M-1: Yakumo Chen's Q&A Phone Service

Finally done with Yakumo Chen's Q&A Service manzai skit. I can now safely say, The 1st and the 2nd Touhou M-1 Grandprix is finally completed... if you don't count the cut out portion as always...

Anyway, I'll be taking another long rest again... next time I come back from translating, it'd probably be related to CLANNAD. See you soon...

I always forget... you can get the .ASS (Subtitle script file) here 1st and 2nd Touhou M-1 Translation Aegisub Scripts

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Touhou M-1 Granprix: Yakumo Chen Q&A News

News, Good and Bad as always...

Good News is, I've already gotten a reply from various1260 on March 5, 2010... due to some incidents, I needed to set aside the translation for three weeks, totally breaking my promise on the post before this one even though I already got it. Please don't kill me! Anyway... that's the good news, although, not really so good.

The Bad News... the puns and references are destroying my brain! It will take a while again... but I'll make sure to finish it in a week or so...


Just in case people don't know, the 3rd Touhou M-1 Grandprix skits has already been translated by and the 4th one is on going. Just watch the video above or double click it to open it in a new tab or new window and watch the other ones.

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I'm completely separating post related to Online Business and my Hobbies. I'm not saying that Online Business hasn't become my hobby or somewhat but anyway... I'm separating post that deals with Making Money Online. Although, you'll still find ads here and that's because some might be interested in it. By the way, I'll just post the link about Online Business and stuffs later once I've organized everything. It'd be more informative and motivational. Anyway as for something relevant, I've asked various1260, a Japanese friend from youtube to help me with the transcription of Touhou M-1: Yakumo Chen's Q&A Phone Service. I'm still waiting for his reply but I hope he does help me with it since it would make translation so much easier. Once I've gotten a reply from him, expect a week or two for it to be released. When that happens, I'll be happy to say that 1st Touhou and 2nd Touhou M-1 Grandprix would be completed! Well, not including the cut out portions like the "judging", "commercial breaks", etc... crap! I also forgot the Ending portion where they're interviewing Chen! But anyway, I'll ask various1260 about it as well.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Touhou Conquers Again!

I know how dedicated fans of Touhou are with their hobbies but this is purely WOW. Touhou has Conquered another Legend. Anyway, I'm not an avid fan of Michael Jackson himself but I'm a fan of his musics and dances and Touhou+Michael Jackson is just pure WIN.

Now, some other topic. It's my 3rd day of work from an E-Mail support Call Center. I thought it'd be less stressful than my previous line of work but "Arghhh...!" I was wrong! My already compressed time has been compressed even more that there's just no way to do my hobbies. There are a lot of restrictions and you need to stare in front of the monitor reading complaints and praises the whole time with only few rest. Not to mention, you're not entirely sure if your actions are being monitored by the managers. If it isn't for the fact that I also like reading comments, I'd probably go crazy with all the eyes watching over me as if Yukari Yakumo was sent to have fun with my life. I'll try to persevere until I save enough and if possible, until I can ask for a part time position. I do plan to study in a Japanese school this year and plan to take all my time back. I like doing my hobbies but I need money so I'm not going to let that plan go away.

Anyway, reached another boss and is trying to beat it. Might take a while to do so though, but the worst case is, I can also lose. I need to apply my dodging technique.

E-Mail support Manager Profile:

Name: Call Center Managers (E-Mail support)
Species: Random
Abilities: The ability to see what you're doing.
Age: Random
Occupation: Manager
Location: Call Center Companies
Description: They sometime wear formal suits, sometimes civilian clothings and sometimes even home clothes. They can be intimidating sometimes so you'd better suck-up to them as early as possible.
Relationship: Call Center Agents (Underlings), Higher Managers (Stronger bosses)
Titles: One of Your Worst Nightmare (at least in Call Centers)

Managers are random. While they are described as a kind of boss in the Call Cen series, if we consider the power of average agents - who appear often as regular allies - we can certainly say they are exceptionally more experienced than the others. Their personality can be sometimes childish, as you might expect from a random human, and they are sometimes considered annoying, fun, and so on.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

News! (Not sure if Great)

I'll go straight to the point. I was gone because I lost motivation to do my hobbies (Blender and Touhou M-1 translating stuffs) after that tragic crash (HardDisk crash). Then later on, tragic Engineering work and tragic end of Engineering work. After my job is over (since most of my jobs are project based), I was vacant for a long time although, I did had some small sideline jobs that made me survive a bit longer (Anyway, don't bother knowing how long I was jobless XD). The only thing I do most of the time is help(?) people who are stumped with questions, reply to forums I mostly frequent, and went back to playing Ragnarok Online, didn't even bother looking for a job for myself. I've become a NEET! A Hikkikomori! I reached the GOAL...! (Except I went the wrong way!) Oh God!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Touhou Updates:

I'm just dropping by to drop these in my own yard.

Anyway, you can find the M-1 script in my website as always. Ahhhh... I wanted to do this yesterday 09/09/09 but something came up that prevented me from doing so.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Blender 3D: Touhou Flanned Band

Okay, this and random kinds of work is what's taking my time. Don't have much to say except I still need to improve my rigging.

This was the outcome.

And like always, done using every basic method. Anyway, I wanted to add some flashy stuffs but SLOW PC is SLOW. Not to mention, this single scene (frame) actually took around 20 minutes to render in my Sempron 2400+, GEForce4 MX440 128bit/mb, 512mb memory (yeah, I added another 256mb). I tried it on my brother's Core2DUO and it rendered 5x faster... that's where I finally realized I really should be replacing this one in order to move forward. Next, I'll try to make a longer video, probably a music video (using every basic methods to death again). Geh... I don't know what to do anymore! Anyway, Gonna use this as Desktop Wallpaper for a while :3

Before I forget again!

DISCLAIMER: Aside from the rigging, I didn't make the model. It's from Teatime's Love Death 2's Touhou MOD.

You can find their website here, beware though, it's Japanese and NOT SAFE FOR WORK

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Break on my Break

Some random stuff

I'll be gone for a while but I'll try to finish Hourai Teruyo before that. (I hope)


My brother made this in SIM and I went WTF?! because it looked 80% like me, even the physique resembles mine.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Touhou M-1 Grandprix: Witch Doll Tournament Finals

I'll just leave this here.

And as always, the script is in my crappy website

I wanted to add something else, like Blender stuffs but I haven't really improved that much yet. I should probably try modeling my messy room and see how far I can get to.

Anyway, have fun!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Blender Foundation: Minor News

The kids are out tonight and they're looking for someone to play with. I don't mind but, I don't want to play with a huge ball of energy and I definitely don't want to play with Starbow Break with matching full moon.

Anyway, I figure out how to rig but I still can't figure out how to do complex rigging. Sigh... I still have a lot to learn, not to mention animation (woot! it rhymes!) They look like figurines for some reason. I'll probably be stuck with modeling for some time.

Now, for something much cooler... Sound Horizon again!

sm5641361 - Sound Horizon Medley (El's Paradise, Ark, Stardust) from their 2005 Concert (It's a christmas present for 2008 but still, watch it for its Awesomeness!)

sm4212035 - 朝と夜の物語 (Asa to Yoru no Monogatari) Guitar

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blender Foundation: Remilia Skirtless Model

This is actually my first try on using a different software for 3D Rendering/Modeling and all I can say is... Wow! There's so much difference between an actual 3D Renderer vs CAD Software with 3D rendering features. Anyway, if you're wondering, she's Remilia Skirtless... sorry for the horrible pun...? The two low profile characters from behind are Shizuha Aki and Minoriko Aki and as a fan of the later series (TH6 and so on), I should at least know that they are from Touhou 10: Moutain of Faith.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Love Hina: Hinata Inn Half-Life CS Map

Other screenshots can be found here

And so, another random update. Anyway, as always, I've found another unfinished work as I was organizing some things in the house. I did this map years ago, maybe around 2003~2004? Took me about (3 hours a day * 2 to 4 months) to make it. I've forgotten the last time I worked on it but the compile time took half a day using my old PC. The only thing I remember is that I didn't bother finishing Hinata Inn's facade because I couldn't figure out how to do an arc on QuArK without messing a lot of things in the map. Even now, a little bit of tweaking (adding arguments) in the compile program is needed to build the map.

I just finished the facade a while ago and updated the map. It took me 2 days to get used to QuArK again because I haven't used it since 2004. Things I basically wanted to add was HINT brushes to reduce the poly count being rendered but I still couldn't figure out how to properly add it... not to mention, HLVIS crashes everytime I include the HINT brushes in the things to compile even though I remember that I didn't had the problem before. I was forced to abandon that idea in the end. Some other things I wanted to add in the map were furnitures but I decided to abandon that as well. I played this map before with someone using an old PC and all I can say is it was somewhat slow... probably because there are a lot of visible stuffs that needs to be rendered on screen, specially the front of the house. But anyway, that was before and also using a phased out PC with a slow video card. I just tried this newly compiled map with an Intel Atom and built-in Intel GME945 Graphics PC... yup, it's a slow PC but I can rest assure you that the map is playable with such a low spec. So... why am I posting this? The only reason I have is that some mapper might get interested, take over and optimize the map and add stuffs other the ones I had in mind, and off course, to inform that there's a fan-made Hinata Inn map in existence (even though not much would care.) Anyway, questions and comments about the map are welcome.

Before I forget, these are the only arguments I added in the compile program.

HLVIS -full -estimate
HLRAD -chop 80 -estimate

HLVIS took 2+ hours to finish while HLRAD probably took around an hour using the specification I mentioned but I'm not sure how it will turn out to a much faster PC.

Anyway, you can download the map here

Compiled BSP Map

And this is for those interested in tinkering or updating or optimizing the map or exporting it to different games (not really sure if that would work though)

Source MAP+WAD file

And for those who don't know how to open the source map or wanna try the life of a mapper

QuArK Website

If you have any questions or inquiries, just contact me but don't expect an immediate reply.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Touhou M-1 Grandprix: Border Girls

Some update. Anyway, I've finished subbing Touhou M-1 Grandprix: Border Girls. I used the Love Death 2: Border Girls Video as reference for my translation.

You can get the script file here "Touhou M-1 Grandprix: Border Girls"

Monday, April 13, 2009

How to Sub Videos

Another update but I don't think it's that important. Anyway, I've been asked a lot of times how do I translate these stuffs, what software am I using to subtitle the videos. Actually, there are a lot of software you can use to subtitle your videos, commercials and freewares. Although, the most famous one is of course, the fansubber's choice, Aegisub + VirtualDub + VSFilter. These are all the neccessary things you need for the subtitling. The procedure is easy! Just follow the manual then you’re all set! Just Kidding! Anyway, if you’re not yet familiar with these software, you can visit their website here.

VSFilter.vdf (put this on your VirtualDub's plugin folder)

I’ll try to make this as simple as possible. First, download this two freeware software then of course install them. Then after that, google or yahoo or browse for Aegisub tutorial >_<
I’m not good at explaining, so I’ll just guide you to the easiest way to learn how to do this subtitling thing.

But anyway, if you think subtitling seems to be interesting, it's free to try. You might learn something new.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Touhou: Youmu Desu... Love Death 2

Some minor update... anyway, I found this nice video of a nice song about jealousy. I'm pretty sure there are Touhou versions of this as well. I'm actually a fan of this group. They make good story songs.

Artist: Sound Horizon
Album: Elysion
Song name: Stardust

But anyway, that's not really my main purpose for posting... after a long time, I... as if anybody care... anyway it's not some Touhou M-1 Stuffs but it's still some Touhou stuffs.

You can find the nicovideo in this link *here*

Anyway, that's all...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Touhou: Translated Stuffs

Touhou M-1: Scarlet Mansion
Touhou M-1: Scarlet Tsukkomi feat Cirno
Touhou M-1: Hourai Teruyo with Mokou
Touhou M-1: Witch Doll: Real Estate Agency Sim
Touhou M-1: PatchuMirin
Touhou M-1: TeiReisen
Touhou M-1: Yakumo/Chen: Drive Noisy Bunch Away
Touhou M-1: Yuyuko and Youmu
Yuyuko and Yukari Back Story
Touhou: Call and Response

By the way, I have applied the corrections that came from youtube's comment system but I'm not sure if I've applied everything so I advice you to check the comments there first (check the video description as well) if you're planning to use these files as a reference for your translation. Anyway, please forgive my lazinessssssss for not doing so~ I already Flanned on putting these files long ago but it suddenly slipped out of my mind so forgive me again XD