Saturday, February 13, 2010

Touhou Conquers Again!

I know how dedicated fans of Touhou are with their hobbies but this is purely WOW. Touhou has Conquered another Legend. Anyway, I'm not an avid fan of Michael Jackson himself but I'm a fan of his musics and dances and Touhou+Michael Jackson is just pure WIN.

Now, some other topic. It's my 3rd day of work from an E-Mail support Call Center. I thought it'd be less stressful than my previous line of work but "Arghhh...!" I was wrong! My already compressed time has been compressed even more that there's just no way to do my hobbies. There are a lot of restrictions and you need to stare in front of the monitor reading complaints and praises the whole time with only few rest. Not to mention, you're not entirely sure if your actions are being monitored by the managers. If it isn't for the fact that I also like reading comments, I'd probably go crazy with all the eyes watching over me as if Yukari Yakumo was sent to have fun with my life. I'll try to persevere until I save enough and if possible, until I can ask for a part time position. I do plan to study in a Japanese school this year and plan to take all my time back. I like doing my hobbies but I need money so I'm not going to let that plan go away.

Anyway, reached another boss and is trying to beat it. Might take a while to do so though, but the worst case is, I can also lose. I need to apply my dodging technique.

E-Mail support Manager Profile:

Name: Call Center Managers (E-Mail support)
Species: Random
Abilities: The ability to see what you're doing.
Age: Random
Occupation: Manager
Location: Call Center Companies
Description: They sometime wear formal suits, sometimes civilian clothings and sometimes even home clothes. They can be intimidating sometimes so you'd better suck-up to them as early as possible.
Relationship: Call Center Agents (Underlings), Higher Managers (Stronger bosses)
Titles: One of Your Worst Nightmare (at least in Call Centers)

Managers are random. While they are described as a kind of boss in the Call Cen series, if we consider the power of average agents - who appear often as regular allies - we can certainly say they are exceptionally more experienced than the others. Their personality can be sometimes childish, as you might expect from a random human, and they are sometimes considered annoying, fun, and so on.

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