Saturday, July 25, 2009

Blender Foundation: Minor News

The kids are out tonight and they're looking for someone to play with. I don't mind but, I don't want to play with a huge ball of energy and I definitely don't want to play with Starbow Break with matching full moon.

Anyway, I figure out how to rig but I still can't figure out how to do complex rigging. Sigh... I still have a lot to learn, not to mention animation (woot! it rhymes!) They look like figurines for some reason. I'll probably be stuck with modeling for some time.

Now, for something much cooler... Sound Horizon again!

sm5641361 - Sound Horizon Medley (El's Paradise, Ark, Stardust) from their 2005 Concert (It's a christmas present for 2008 but still, watch it for its Awesomeness!)

sm4212035 - 朝と夜の物語 (Asa to Yoru no Monogatari) Guitar

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