Friday, November 2, 2012

Blender 3D: Hinata Sou (Love Hina)

Keitarou's Empty Room. Don't worry, Ghost not Included.

How do I start... well... just like before, it's a Hinata Inn from Love Hina but this time, it's in Blender Format. I've managed to convert the map using Nem's Tool's Crafty Software. It also supports other map formats like in Quake, Half-Life 2, Garrys Mod, etc. etc.
The first thing I did was, yup, as always, download the package and configure the folders then converted the BSP format map to OBJ. Good thing the package could also save UV Map configuration. After that I just tweaked a little bit of it in Blender. Anyway, I'll remind people again that this Hinata Sou model was created around 2003~2004 (refer to THIS POST for a much detailed explanation.) so it's not that detailed. The only difference is, I changed the roof texture, but it's still flat texture :p

You can use this anyway you like and if want to add something or improve its appearance, you can also alter it anyway you like, just let me know and link me to your work that uses the model because, well... I'm quite curious how other people would use this Blender Hinata Inn... Hehehe...

You can find the file HERE Yeah... the file is in ZIP format and the size is 2.6mb but the Blender File is 11.0mb.

Going to hibernate again. Will be back at random time. Good luck!

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