Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Life Update! About Cleft Palate & Myself again.

Life Update! Yeah, not Live Update... anyway, I had a Furlow surgery around 7:00AM in the morning (hooray for redundant) on October 12, 2011 at PGH because, well, for your information, I have a cleft palate. I didn't really think of having a surgery before but that suddenly change after I realized one thing. Although I'm confident about my skills and how I interact with others, there's always this feeling inside me that would always ask "Will they understand me?"... Not figuratively but, literally. Will I always think this way? I better make actions. Also, CLANNAD Power... Oh, what I mean is Friends, Families opinion made me look at the beggar... bigger picture of it.

Anyway, the surgery took almost 2hours from what I heard. But the schedule was...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Best Anti-Virus

I wrote this article somewhere before last year and I thought I should post it here. Anyway,

This is just a very simple information to prevent Viruses coming into your system. Well, my friends and acquaintances always ask me how come my PC don't get virused even though I don't have any Anti-Virus software installed, I'm always connected to the NET, and always plugging USB storage devices to my PC. They also always ask why I don't install Anti-Virus software.

First, let me tell you the reason why I don't have Anti-Virus software. The reason is my PC is slow. Yeah, it's just a Sempron 2400+ with a 256mb memory. I can't afford to install softwares that takes too much system resource as you can see so my alternative is know how to prevent viruses from getting in without having an Anti-Virus software and believe me, people complain to me about slow PC every time and my answer is always there's a virus, malware, adware, spyware, you're Anti-Virus is making your system slow... yeah, I also blame startup programs that are unneccesary. Anyway, let's move to the next topic which knowing how to prevent viruses from coming in.