Friday, August 28, 2009

Blender 3D: Touhou Flanned Band

Okay, this and random kinds of work is what's taking my time. Don't have much to say except I still need to improve my rigging.

This was the outcome.

And like always, done using every basic method. Anyway, I wanted to add some flashy stuffs but SLOW PC is SLOW. Not to mention, this single scene (frame) actually took around 20 minutes to render in my Sempron 2400+, GEForce4 MX440 128bit/mb, 512mb memory (yeah, I added another 256mb). I tried it on my brother's Core2DUO and it rendered 5x faster... that's where I finally realized I really should be replacing this one in order to move forward. Next, I'll try to make a longer video, probably a music video (using every basic methods to death again). Geh... I don't know what to do anymore! Anyway, Gonna use this as Desktop Wallpaper for a while :3

Before I forget again!

DISCLAIMER: Aside from the rigging, I didn't make the model. It's from Teatime's Love Death 2's Touhou MOD.

You can find their website here, beware though, it's Japanese and NOT SAFE FOR WORK

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