Friday, August 28, 2009

Blender 3D: Touhou Flanned Band

Okay, this and random kinds of work is what's taking my time. Don't have much to say except I still need to improve my rigging.

This was the outcome.

And like always, done using every basic method. Anyway, I wanted to add some flashy stuffs but SLOW PC is SLOW. Not to mention, this single scene (frame) actually took around 20 minutes to render in my Sempron 2400+, GEForce4 MX440 128bit/mb, 512mb memory (yeah, I added another 256mb). I tried it on my brother's Core2DUO and it rendered 5x faster... that's where I finally realized I really should be replacing this one in order to move forward. Next, I'll try to make a longer video, probably a music video (using every basic methods to death again). Geh... I don't know what to do anymore! Anyway, Gonna use this as Desktop Wallpaper for a while :3

Before I forget again!

DISCLAIMER: Aside from the rigging, I didn't make the model. It's from Teatime's Love Death 2's Touhou MOD.

You can find their website here, beware though, it's Japanese and NOT SAFE FOR WORK

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Break on my Break

Some random stuff

I'll be gone for a while but I'll try to finish Hourai Teruyo before that. (I hope)


My brother made this in SIM and I went WTF?! because it looked 80% like me, even the physique resembles mine.