Tuesday, February 9, 2010

News! (Not sure if Great)

I'll go straight to the point. I was gone because I lost motivation to do my hobbies (Blender and Touhou M-1 translating stuffs) after that tragic crash (HardDisk crash). Then later on, tragic Engineering work and tragic end of Engineering work. After my job is over (since most of my jobs are project based), I was vacant for a long time although, I did had some small sideline jobs that made me survive a bit longer (Anyway, don't bother knowing how long I was jobless XD). The only thing I do most of the time is help(?) people who are stumped with questions, reply to forums I mostly frequent, and went back to playing Ragnarok Online, didn't even bother looking for a job for myself. I've become a NEET! A Hikkikomori! I reached the GOAL...! (Except I went the wrong way!) Oh God!

Later on, I watched "Welcome to NHK" and was LAUGHING OUT MY ASS at the sheer similarity of what's happening to me! This could pass as one of my All Time Favorite! Anyway, after some time again, my brother pointed me to this Non-Voice Call Center job account being offered that he found in the News Paper. I was like "Cool, let me try that since what I'm doing right now is somewhat related to that." I mean, I just post stuffs in the NET. I was letting myself rot some more as I wait for their call. I was actually under the impression of "Okay, God probably doesn't want me to leave my line of job." but they called in about almost two weeks. With hopes back to me, I quickly arranged my requirements and attended the training. Some random shits happened with my applications and schedule that also made me think "Oh, God must be trying to screw with my psyche." The last day of my training... I found out that one of my classmate in training had tried Internet Business before and was F*CKING SUCCESSFUL! HE MADE MILLIONS OF PESOS (3+ MILLION if I remember, 1Php=$45 USD average) in 2 YEARS AND ALL HE DID WAS CHAT!? I didn't believe him at first, I mean, why is he trying to work in a Call Center if he's that rich then? Curious, I asked him why. You know what he said? "I just wanted to try and add something else to my experience." Hey, that's my reason for leaving my line of work for a while! Seriously, he's doing things because he just wants to. It's like I'm looking at a mirror! But of course, I didn't buy it that easily. WTF?! He suddenly started talking about how he got rich, and it happened around year 2007+. I was really motivated! I said, "Hey, it's the Internet! If you got rich by chatting then I could as well! Also I'm trying to utilize it as well in a different way."

Ohhhhh... my world suddenly crumbled again! You know what I found out?! He got rich because of the Pay Per Sign thingy! Something I wouldn't do. I mean, I'll pretend to be a girl then manipulate guys into signing to Websites using their credit cards? Gah! The urban No Girl Exist in the Internets legend! Na ah! Also, I heard of that before from my brother because he knew some people who became rich because of PPS. He said he tried it out as well but it was hard. "Oh God! Please stop stabbing me with 'There are successful and there are unsuccessful people!'" That classmate of mine probably and unconsciously tried to lift up my spirit by mentioning some of the Pay Per Sign site, (dollarmachine, epiccash, etc. etc) but he added, they are all porn sites. Soon after that, we submitted our requirements to the higher-ups and went our separate ways. When I got home, I quickly fired my PC and made a research about Pay Per Sign Methods. Now I understand why some would quickly pay with their credit cards! Oh, God! The Lust is all around! Not to mention, Oh, God! The Sluts and Preys are all around! I don't even pretend I'm a girl in-game in Ragnarok Online Valkyrie.

I wouldn't try to do something that would take a lot of my time and against my will. So, I searched for a PPS website that would not be all about porn. I found one where the front page isn't heavily porned! I found it HERE. (I made it big to make you click it! If you know what I mean!) It's actually 6th at the Google (will probably change soon). But anyway, I can't be sure if it's completely illegal because it's actually more related to a social-networking thing (like Friendster, Facebook, MySpace, etc. etc.) except it's for horny females and males. And so... that closes the end of the day.

Actually, nope! Later that night, I manage to recover the files in my HDD with Disk Doctors Data Recovery! Hooray! Although, the Flandre Blender 3D model I recovered is actually just a backup, the updated probably got whacked up because I was working on it when the HDD crashed... Gah! I made a lot of changes there! Anyway, you can get the Blendre model file here! If you're going to use it and post a video, just make sure you credit Teatime's LoveDeath2 since the original model is from them and of course, I'd be interested to see how you used the model as well so please give me the link to your work. You could also tell them DGreater1 rigged it if you want to clarify things. Which reminds me, sorry for not going straight to the point but, I had the urge to post a long one since I haven't really posted something long for a long while in the blog. But anyway again, I hope you liked a slice of my life.

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