Monday, April 6, 2009

Touhou: Translated Stuffs

Touhou M-1: Scarlet Mansion
Touhou M-1: Scarlet Tsukkomi feat Cirno
Touhou M-1: Hourai Teruyo with Mokou
Touhou M-1: Witch Doll: Real Estate Agency Sim
Touhou M-1: PatchuMirin
Touhou M-1: TeiReisen
Touhou M-1: Yakumo/Chen: Drive Noisy Bunch Away
Touhou M-1: Yuyuko and Youmu
Yuyuko and Yukari Back Story
Touhou: Call and Response

By the way, I have applied the corrections that came from youtube's comment system but I'm not sure if I've applied everything so I advice you to check the comments there first (check the video description as well) if you're planning to use these files as a reference for your translation. Anyway, please forgive my lazinessssssss for not doing so~ I already Flanned on putting these files long ago but it suddenly slipped out of my mind so forgive me again XD

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