Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Life Update! About Cleft Palate & Myself again.

Life Update! Yeah, not Live Update... anyway, I had a Furlow surgery around 7:00AM in the morning (hooray for redundant) on October 12, 2011 at PGH because, well, for your information, I have a cleft palate. I didn't really think of having a surgery before but that suddenly change after I realized one thing. Although I'm confident about my skills and how I interact with others, there's always this feeling inside me that would always ask "Will they understand me?"... Not figuratively but, literally. Will I always think this way? I better make actions. Also, CLANNAD Power... Oh, what I mean is Friends, Families opinion made me look at the beggar... bigger picture of it.

Anyway, the surgery took almost 2hours from what I heard. But the schedule was...

Day 1) Admittal to the hospital for check-ups.
Day 2) Surgery ==> Rest
Day 3) Rest ==>
Day 4) Rest ==>
Day 5) Discharge

So simple isn't it? Actually, I haven't been hospitalized for over 10 (or was it 20?) years, much more, syringed here... syringed there... equipped with dextrose, ohhh... my veins~! I can feel it through my veins~! I'm being powered up! Anyway... the first day and second day was kind of tense, a bit painful like being bitten by an ant... a large ant! Not to mention, I got my hand strained and made my dextrose suck up my blood instead of my body sucking up the contents in the dextrose pack! Hahaha! I was watching the blood come up to the dextrose tube without letting anyone know as I try to calm myself and think it would return back to me. That was actually stupid of me. The blood has almost reached the top of the dextrose pack when the nurse came, he pumped the surging blood back to my veins and told me it was a good thing that it didn't reach and contaminated the whole dextrose pack because he'll be forced to remove it along with the lost blood and stuff another dextrose to my hand... The result, he only needed to replace the dextrose pack with a new one because it got a bit contaminated with my own blood.

As for the surgery... It probably happened around 7:00AM after my last look at the clock. I don't actually remember what happened after I put that thing I thought was an oxygen mask... Hahahaha! The doctor didn't give me a warning that I'm about to sleep! I didn't even dream of anything during that time! Hahaha! So much for the anticipation... When I came to, I was in a different room with other patients, I quickly look at the time and it was 10:00AM, the mask is still covering my mouth, not sure if it was working though. After that, I decided to close my eyes again and sleep some more. After that, I woke up again and it was around 1:00PM, the doctor decided to bring me back to my room to make me rest there. As of now, I'm still recuperating. My speech therapy will probably start next week but my friends and family already saw big improvements in my speech. The only problem I have is pronuncing words that starts with "T", "S", because my tongue has gotten used to a wrong way of pronuncing them.

Anyway, for those interested, below is the info link of the foundation that handled my surgery.

Additional information about Furlow surgery is in the link below but you can find other info as well if you google.

This File is in PDF Format

This one would be helpful as well.

Anyway, the only advise I could give to people like myself. There's always a way to make yourself feel more better. The question, are you willing to do it?


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